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Essex votes against regional waste collection

The Town of Essex voted unanimously to oppose regional waste collection at its meeting Monday evening.

Councillors noted concerns over lower service levels, loss of control, and a reduction of tipping fees at the regional landfill.

"This vote is solely based on this council giving up our ability to ensure the level of service for our customers," said Councillor Kim Verbeek during the meeting. "Frankly, if we choose to upload to the county we're not going to be representing the residents of this area the way we were elected to do."

As the host of the regional landfill the Town of Essex receives revenue from tipping fees that is then used to support the town's asset management plan.

The decision to transfer power for garbage collection to the County of Essex must be approved by four of seven municipalities and makeup at least 50 per cent of the population to move ahead.

To date, Leamington and Tecumseh have supported a regional garbage collection while Kingsville has opposed it.

The Town of Amhersburg will vote on the issue at its next regular council meeting on Monday.

The Town of Lasalle will vote on the issue at its next regular council meeting Tuesday.

The City of Windsor has also agreed to a regional approach to garbage collection. However, it is not a voting member of the County of Essex.

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