A map outlining Phase 1 of the proposed North Kent Wind Project. (Photo courtesy the Municipality of Chatham-Kent)A map outlining Phase 1 of the proposed North Kent Wind Project. (Photo courtesy the Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

Wind Farm Promises Water Tanks If Necessary

The companies behind the North Kent Wind Project have released a statement in the wake of a cancelled appeal of the wind farm.

Officials from Pattern Energy and Samsung say they've been advised by scientific experts that there are "no grounds to believe that vibrations caused by the construction and operation of the wind turbines in the project will influence groundwater."

They've also posted the Golder Associates document that provided support for that claim. You can find that information here.

In the same release to affected property owners, Samsung and Pattern Energy are assuring landowners that while the companies are only required to provide bottled water if a qualified expert determines that the construction or operation of the wind farm may have harmed their well or well water, they are in fact committed to providing an "adequate quantity of water in appropriately sized containers if necessary. Those containers could include large water tanks -- all of which would be provided at the companies' expense.

In a separate communication with BlackburnNews.com, Pattern Energy Media Relations Contact Matt Dallas clarified that the companies do not anticipate needing to provide water during construction, but if necessary, they will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

He also says there is no definite timeline for when the consultation with the affected property owners will take place.

According to the Renewable Energy Approval (REA), the companies need to contact owners of all of the active water wells in the project study area before construction can begin.

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