(Photo of Belle River Marina courtesy of the Municipality of Lakeshore)(Photo of Belle River Marina courtesy of the Municipality of Lakeshore)

Making Belle River Marina a "jewel of Lake St. Clair"

The Municipality of Lakeshore is looking for a developer to reimagine the pier and facilities at Belle River Marina.

"We're casting a wide net to see what kind of interest is out there, to see what ideas partners can bring to the table, big or small," said Lakeshore Mayor Tracey Bailey. "This is the first step in a conversation."

The municipality has issued a request for expressions of interest in a public-private partnership with Lakeshore maintaining ownership of the landmark. It seeks sustainable and cost-effective solutions to improve the waterfront's vibrancy and sense of place.

"There is no wrong answer here, and we're excited to see what kind of creativity and innovation can be uncovered through this process," said Bailey.

Submissions will be accepted until September 27 and can be submitted through Lakeshore's online tendering system or by emailing purchasing@lakeshore.ca.

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