Tim Labute and Candice Pletsch and their sailboat. (Photo courtesy of Labute and Pletsch via Facebook/ Lady K Sailing).Tim Labute and Candice Pletsch and their sailboat. (Photo courtesy of Labute and Pletsch via Facebook/ Lady K Sailing).

CK couple sets sail towards Caribbean Sea

A couple from Chatham-Kent have left everything behind to sail the Caribbean.

Candice Pletsch and Tim Labute launched from Lighthouse Cove on August 6, 2018 and are now cruising towards the Caribbean on their sailboat.

The idea of embarking on this adventure started about two years ago for Pletsch, but for Labute, the thought started to seep in about a decade ago.

Sailing through the Atlantic Ocean. (Photo courtesy of Labute and Pletsch via Facebook/ Lady K Sailing).

"I've been sailing for a long time and I wanted to go and sail either around the world or at least to the Caribbean probably ten years ago," he said.

The two sold their house along with most of their possessions for this type of lifestyle.

"We left everything we have ever known," said Pletsch.

"Making the commitment and the decision to leave and once setting a date was done -- that was scary," said Labute. "But when you start to sell all of the stuff from your house it stops being scary and it starts to actually be really freeing."

Since setting sail, Labute said the experience has been liberating and confidence-building, in the sense that the couple has had to become almost completely independent from the rest of society. Pletsch said the adventure has also strengthened their bond as a couple.

"To speak honestly, leading up to it there was a lot of stress and we were bickering a lot more than usual and using each other as an outlet for everything leading up to the day that we left," she said. "But ever since the day that we left, it has only gotten better. We are growing stronger together as a team and as individuals."

As the couple sails towards the Caribbean, there is a rather massive hurricane heading towards North and South Carolina. However, according to a blog post, the couple is out of Hurricane Florence's path and should be in the clear. Once the couple reaches the Caribbean they plan on enjoying the scenery. What happens next is up for debate.

Labute said they want to get to Grenada before they make a decision that way they're out of the hurricane belt.

"It's hurricane season right now and that ends on November 1 and then we have until June 1 to get through the Caribbean," he said. "Once we're to Grenada we've been talking about possibly Cuba or Mexico or even continue on and crossing the Atlantic Ocean and going up to the [Mediterranean Sea] so we can see Europe."

The couple has kept in touch with friends and other sail-connoisseurs through their social media platforms on Facebook and YouTube on their channel "Lady K Sailing".

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