Recent Windy Conditions About To End

Environment Canada says Southwestern Ontario has had one of the windiest springs in recent memory.

Severe Weather Meteorologist Rob Kuhn says there have been several days in Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex with wind at 30 or 40 km/h often gusting to 60 or 70 km/h.

The strong wind has caused roof shingles to blow off, high waves to flood some areas, and trees and power lines to come down.

Kuhn says all the wind has been produced by a lot of high pressure and low pressure systems clashing over our area.

"When this low pressure system itself is quite strong, it acts like a vacuum cleaner and the wind will pick up because wind wants to blow from high pressure to low pressure. So, if there's a bigger difference over a small area, the wind will be strong as the atmosphere and mother nature wants to make up that difference," says Kuhn.

Kuhn says thunderstorms and wind have been prominent in our region since March, but should die down by summer.

Kuhn says above normal temperatures since February have also caused the active weather systems.

"We know we've come through a mild winter and with no snow on the ground early, the ground gets to heat up a little quicker.  That combined with the weather systems will help bring down some wind from a few hundred feet up and mix them down to the ground," Kuhn says.

Kuhn says the strongest wind has been in the afternoon, but it should taper off by summer.

"As we get into the summer, two things happen. One thing, normally, is the strong weather systems will start tracking further away to the north and they will also weaken and we'll get high pressure most of the time," says Kuhn.

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