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Detroit's Loss Is Toronto's Gain

Leafs fans are celebrating as Mike Babcock is done in Hockeytown and is taking over the job as head coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Detroit Red Wings fan Hannah Dean Prestia tells BlackburnNews.com she wasn't expecting Babcock to leave.

"I was actually really surprised. I thought with all of his history and his family's history he was definitely going to stay in Detroit," says Dean Prestia. "It's kind of sad day in Detroit."

Leafs fan Bobby Stobbs likes the move.

"Hopefully it makes them better. I don't know, they've been bad the last few years," says Stobbs. "I think he has a big impact to sign free agents, so people want to play for him."

Wings fan Skyler Janisse thinks the Leafs are getting a quality coach.

"I think it'll help them a lot, but at the same time, I think they need a couple of players," says Janisse.

Babcock becomes the 30th head coach for the Leafs in franchise history.

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