Retro Fun House (Image captured from Google Street View)Retro Fun House (Image captured from Google Street View)

Blenheim's Retro Fun House changing hands

The Retro Fun House will be no more as of December 3.

The current management posted the announcement on Facebook last week, calling the change in ownership "exciting and bittersweet." The post also offered the team's gratitude and assured that the newly branded 'Level Up Arcade & Bowling' will honour any previously booked events or reservations.

"We're confident the new owners will bring fresh energy to the space, ensuring the continued success of this beloved establishment," Retro Fun House's statement read.

Megan Moir of Level Up said they're thrilled to be taking over the business. "As proud Blenheim locals, we see this as a fantastic opportunity to contribute to our community," she added.

"We're excited about the prospect of being a year-round hub for entertainment and social connection in the area," Moir said.

The new owners also run Bayside Brewery and the Bayside BrewPub in Erieau and believe that the seasonal differences in their business ventures will allow them to better support their staff.

"While our pub and brewery experience peak seasons during the summer, the bowling alley's prime time is in the winter. We're hoping that this alignment will allow us to maintain a more consistent staff presence throughout the year," Moir explained.

She said that the intention of both management teams is to make the ownership transition as seamless as possible, especially for customers.

"Despite the forthcoming changes in name and logo, we intend to preserve the nostalgic ambiance and maintain the current look of the building," Moir assured.

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