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CK police briefs - Friday, March 3, 2023

Man accused of assaulting roommate, breaking into her room after arrest

A 24-year-old Chatham man is in a whole lot of trouble after he allegedly assaulted his female roommate and then broke into her room after he was arrested and released.

Chatham-Kent police said their investigation started when they were called in for a disturbance on Patteson Avenue in Chatham just after 12 a.m. Friday.

At that time, officers learned that a Chatham man and his female roommate had been arguing when he allegedly pushed her several times, then put her in a headlock, and pushed her to the floor.

The man was arrested and taken back to police headquarters where he was charged with three counts of assault before he was released with conditions -- including one that required him to stay away from his roommate.

Police said shortly after he was released, though, the man allegedly called his roommate numerous times and then went back to the apartment.

He then allegedly knocked and yelled at the door before going into the apartment through a window to confront his roommate again.

The man also allegedly damaged some items that belonged to his roommate and then took off before police arrived.

Officers were able to track the man down a short time later with the help of Police Canine Helix and he was taken into custody again.

The second time he was arrested, the 24-year-old Chatham man was charged with break and enter and three counts of failing to comply with his release conditions.

After his second arrest, the man was set to be held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Chatham man booked for stealing booze

The law has caught up with a 28-year-old man accused of stealing from an LCBO in Chatham.

Police said they were first notified of the theft just after 2 p.m. on February 25.

At that time, police were told employees at the LCBO on Wellington Street West in Chatham had seen the man taking some merchandise from the shelves before he walked out of the store without paying for them.

Officers were able to identify a suspect after reviewing some surveillance footage and they arrested him at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday on Princess Street South in Chatham.

The 28-year-old Chatham man was charged with theft and possession of stolen property and was later released with a future court date.


Tilbury man's license plates, vehicle taken away after traffic stop

A 58-year-old Tilbury man who wasn't supposed to be driving in the first place is facing charges after he was allegedly caught speeding past several vehicles late Thursday morning.

Police said an officer with the CKPS Traffic Unit pulled the man's vehicle over at around 11:30 a.m. Thursday after it was seen travelling at a "high rate of speed" while also "passing numerous" vehicles."

The officer who pulled the man over reported that the man had been driving with a suspended driver's license, no insurance, and invalid plates.

The man was booked for speeding, driving under suspension, driving without insurance, and driving with unauthorized license plates.

His vehicle was towed and set to be impounded for 45 days and his plates were also seized.


Yelling man arrested for public intoxication

A 48-year-old Chatham-Kent man didn't have a very long walk to a holding cell after he was arrested for creating a disturbance.

Police said the man started yelling after he entered the Chatham-Kent police headquarters building and "was found to be intoxicated," so he was taken into custody until he sobered up.

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