Photo via The Gift Facebook pagePhoto via The Gift Facebook page

Generous people wanted again this year for The Gift in CK

A donation campaign called The Gift is back in Chatham-Kent for a second year.

Officials with the community drive are asking people to put gifts, such as toys, non-perishable food items, and clothing, on their porch at noon on November 20, 2021 and volunteers will pick them up for those in need this holiday season.

"I just couldn’t believe the thoughtfulness in my store last year. Kids shopping for kids, my heart was bursting. This year I’m challenging even more businesses to get involved and I’m going to work with the schools to put up an awesome prize to get even more kids involved. We can go farther!" said the owner of Toy Wars in Wallaceburg Andrew Bordeau.

Last year, Chatham-Kent raised over $3 million worth of gifts in one day and had over 5,000 volunteers and tens of thousands of donors.

"I think this year will be even more about a few months to remind each other how much we care about each other, no matter our different views on current things. Especially on November 20, I’m envisioning small social-distanced street parties all over CK, with people on their front porches waving at volunteers." said Cedar Springs resident JP Huggins. "Who knows what else? I’ve learned I have no idea the potential that’s in this community."

The initiative launched at noon on Friday. You can click here for more information.

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