Rain stock photo. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / chalabala) Rain stock photo. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / chalabala)

CK Native Helps In Hurricane Harvey Efforts

A firefighter, originally from Chatham-Kent, is helping with the Hurricane Harvey evacuation efforts in Texas.

Kyle William Parry works for the fire department in Lumberton, Texas, which is an hour north of Houston.

Parry says there has been a lot of rainfall and flooding since the hurricane made landfall in Texas on Friday night. The storm is the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. in more than a decade. Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and belongings.

Parry says the storm was slightly less severe where he is in Lumberton, but still devastating.

"We actually have a drain creek that runs through a neighborhood back here. It's called Rose Hill Acres. It's actually where I live. Right now the road that runs above that creek is about 4 ft to 6 ft under water right now. The creek has burst and crested over," says Parry.

He says evacuation is voluntary in Lumberton and only residents living near low lying areas or creeks need to find shelter.

"This storm seems to be kinda stalling over-top of us. Similar to Houston, it's heading back into the Gulf. It's supposed to make a second landfall, and dump more rainfall onto us probably until about Thursday or Friday,"explains Parry.

Parry thanks his community for supporting his firefighting team during this difficult time.

"We're a very small knit town and the amount of volunteers that have come out to help has been absolutely amazing," says Parry.

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