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Former CK Man Scores Huge Victory Against WSIB

It looks like David beats Goliath, again.

Former Chatham resident David Lawson, who now lives in Leamington, has won a major Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision against the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Tribunal Vice Chair Brian Cook has ruled the WSIB discriminated against Lawson because he wasn't being treated fairly and couldn't access services and benefits for years.

An emotional Lawson says he went five years without proper care and lost everything, including family, but adds the win feels good.

"I stuck with it. There was literally times I didn't think I would make it and times I felt all alone, but I never was because thousands of injured workers were out there suffering like me and I tried to keep them in mind," says Lawson.

This is the second victory for Lawson against the WSIB.

Both parties settled the first claim through mediation at the tribunal.

A hearing will now be scheduled to go over damages, and Lawson says he'll be seeking a total buyout of all future benefits.

There has been no word if the WSIB will appeal.

Lawson says the WSIB caused him undue hardship for too many years and he fought for justice.

"My main goal was to help everyone. The issues we faced in this hearing were systemic issues facing thousands of injured workers across the province and it's time that they [WSIB] changed. It's time the law got tough with the WSIB and say we're not going to tolerate it," Lawson says.

Lawson says his rights were violated and hopes his decision will change the way the WSIB deals with injured workers in the future.

"When it came right down to it, I wasn't suffering alone. There were a lot of other injured workers out there who were suffering with me and I think this victory belongs to all of us. This is a day when we can stand up and celebrate and no longer feel like prisoners of injustice. I'm so happy," says Lawson.

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