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Left In The Dark About Tim Hortons

East Kent Councillor David VanDamme is sought out and informed about many topics in the community, but there’s one announcement that came as a bit of a surprise.

A Tim Hortons will be setting up shop in Thamesville -- something that was only recently brought to VanDamme's attention.

"It's a bit unfortunate that it was such a quick surprise," says VanDamme. "Not that I would oppose it, but it would have just been nice to know about it sooner [rather] than later."

VanDamme says he found out about the Tim Hortons after receiving an invite to the open house less than two weeks ago.

"Certainly this is a great development for the community of Thamesville," says VanDamme. "But it's somewhat bittersweet because a grocery store would be a better venue -- a more realistic venue, it would probably help the community much more."

There are no major grocery stores in Thamesville at this time; VanDamme says there are many reasons for that. He says some of the factors involved include high energy costs and competing with other markets, like Chatham.

"We have this economic development team that works very hard in Chatham but I would like them to start focusing more on the small communities and the rural community that make up this great municipality," says VanDamme.

The Tim Hortons will be located where the Foodland used to be.

VanDamme says it will be a 24/7 location, which will include a drive-thru, and patio seating area.

The Tim Hortons is expected to open their doors in the fall of 2017.

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