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Making Heating Costs Fall

Doing some chores or even renovations around the house could mean savings on your heating bills through autumn and winter.

As temperatures appear to be maintaining seasonal highs, Union Gas has some tips to save on heating costs.

Spokesperson Andrea Stass says taking a look at the inner workings of your furnace could save you some cash.

"65% of our energy dollars go to space heating and cooling. Change or clean your furnace filter once every two months. They do get dirty, and when they're dirty it reduces the air flow and makes your furnace run a littler harder," says Stass.

A more intensive option, with a long-term payoff, are actual renovations to a home. Stass says their Home Renovation Rebate Program will refund up to $5,000 worth of work, as long as residents can prove those changes will make a difference.

"Additional insulation, installing a high-efficiency furnace or new windows, we do have a program that can cover the cost of that," says Stass. "It does require an energy audit before and after work is completed."

To find a certified energy advisor, and for other information about cheaply heating a home, click here.

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