Heavy rain in Chatham. (File photo by Jake Kislinsky)Heavy rain in Chatham. (File photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Heavy Rains Expected Tuesday

A fairly significant rainfall is expected to sweep across the region early this week.

Environment Canada says starting early Tuesday morning, a storm will begin to dump somewhere between 25mm (1 inch) to 40mm (1.6 inches) of rain on most of southwestern Ontario -- some areas could get closer to 60mm (2.4 inches).

Meteorologists say the rainfall is the same slow-moving low pressure system from Texas that is causing flooding in Louisiana, but they're not expecting the rains to be as extreme by the time they get this far north.

Rainfall warnings could be issued if it starts to look like there will be a widespread rainfall of 50 mm (2 inches), but there aren't any in effect right now.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority has issued a 'flood outlook' report stating that a possibility of flooding exists along watercourses and in low-lying areas for the entire Essex region.

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