Residents Cast A Rod For National Fishing Week

If you've always wanted to try fishing, now's your chance to test the waters.

Starting July 2, Canadians can fish for free in Ontario for Family Fishing Week -- which means you don't need a licence to introduce a friend to angling.

The week also coincides with National Fishing Week.

Spokesperson Sarah McMichael says it's a great opportunity to to try your hand at a new sport.

"There's lot of amazing fishing events occuring across the country -- things like derbies and seminars," she says. "So if you want to go fishing with your family, or learn how to fish, there's tons of [events] you can attend, and maybe win some prizes or get a little bit of instruction."

McMichael says the aim of National Fishing Week is to encourage Canadians to embrace the great outdoots and enjoy recreational fishing until July 10.

She says people don't realize just how popular angling is in Canada.

"Truthfully, more adult Canadians actually fish than play golf and hockey combined. There are 8-million anglers in Canada, so that is huge," says McMichael. "It's also a Canadian heritage activity, so not only is it something that a lot of people are doing now, it's something we've been doing for generations."

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