The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance's Chatham campus. (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance's Chatham campus. (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

CKHA Shuts Down Governance Operations

Two of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance's three boards are defending their decision to suspend governance operations for the near future.

The Public General Hospital Corporation (PGHC) and the St. Joseph's Health Services Association say the suspension comes from "a number of differences," between themselves and the Sydenham District Hospital Corporation (SDHC) . They sent a letter to SDHC Chair Sheldon Parsons back on April 6, notifying him of the decision.

PGHC Chair Jane Havens says the tipping point of the falling-out came at the March 31 tri-board meeting, where the CKHA unveiled its 2016 Operational Capital Plan. With the SDHC increasingly concerned about the future of its emergency room, emotions were high after the plan was introduced.

"What we got following the presentation was a canned statement read by the Sydenham District Hospital Corporation, basically saying they had no intention of following anything, they didn't hear what was said. They just already had the prepared statement," says Havens.

Havens goes on to say this has been an increasing problem when working with the SDHC. She says it's due in part to the Sydenham campus looking for constant resource increases, despite representing just 5% of the hospital's weighted activity.

"We're funded as one system, we have one staff, one culture, and we make decisions and expend resources for the entire community," explains Havens. "The Sydenham District Hospital Board continues to ask for, and demand, a disproportionate amount of resources."

Havens says the PGHC and St. Joseph's Health Services Association are currently exploring options and next steps, and aren't commenting further at this time.

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