file photo of Wyandotte St. at Devonshire Rd. in file photo of Wyandotte St. at Devonshire Rd. in Windsor.

UPDATE: Environment Canada Tracking Snow Storm

A snowfall warning has ended for the region as Environment Canada says Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent might just miss the worst of a winter storm headed this way.

Severe Weather Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says a system is brewing in Texas right now, which should start dumping snow on this region by tomorrow afternoon.

"[Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent will] probably pick up a few cm of accumulation from the afternoon to the early evening on Tuesday," he explains. "Snow intensifies somewhat through the overnight hours -- could be looking at another 8 cm or so during that overnight time frame."

Coulson believes, at this point, the region will see about 10-to-15 cm or up to 6 in of snow, but it'll be areas farther east that get hit harder.

At minimum, he says 5-to-10 cm or 2-to-4 in should drop.

There is a slight chance of this system also bringing freezing rain and ice pellets, but Coulson anticipates that kind of weather to track south of Essex County.

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