Chatham-Kent police cruiser. (Photo courtesy of Chatham-Kent Police Service.)Chatham-Kent police cruiser. (Photo courtesy of Chatham-Kent Police Service.)

Police Week underway in CK

Police Week has come in Chatham-Kent.

"The theme for this week is 'Join Policing: Keep Ontario Safe,'" said Inspector Matt Stezycki. "It highlights policing as a career and as a public service."

The week allows the police service to celebrate its members, both sworn and civilian. The Chatham-Kent Police Service (CKPS) plans to highlight various members and share the important roles they play on it's social media pages throughout the week.

This will lead up to a public event on Friday.

From 12:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m., CKPS will be hosting a public event at St. Clair College, Thames Campus, in Parking lot B.

This event will give the public a chance to explore what a career in policing looks like by meeting police officers and police professionals. There will also be a demonstration of various types of policing equipment.

"It's an opportunity to display and show the public what resources we have and to educate [people] who are interested in the profession," Stezycki said.

"We are actively recruiting," he noted, adding that there's also a lot of interest.

"It is a very competitive process," the Inspector said. "That's a credit to the community, to the people who are applying... it's a difficult process for everyone."

It's not just potential recruits who are invited to Friday's event. Anyone with questions or interest in learning exactly what Chatham-Kent's finest do is welcome.

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