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CK police briefs - Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Two more arrests for skipping court

Chatham-Kent police have picked up another two people who were wanted for skipping their scheduled court dates.

CK police said one of them is a 30-year-old Wallaceburg woman who was arrested in September last year after an officer found her driving a vehicle that had a stolen license plate attached to it.

A warrant was issued for her arrest when she failed to show up for her scheduled court date and police said they just caught up with her at 10:25 a.m. Tuesday on Westcourt Boulevard in Wallaceburg.

She is currently charged with possession of stolen property and was later released with a future court date.

In a separate case, police arrested a 23-year-old Chatham-Kent man shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday who was wanted for failing to attend court for a December 2023 assault investigation.

Officers said they arrested the man on Wellington Street in Chatham and took him back to police headquarters where he was set to be held pending a bail hearing.

He is currently charged with three counts of theft, three counts of possession of stolen property, two counts of assault, and one count each of assault with a weapon, mischief, and failing to attend court.


Man wanted for theft shows up at the courthouse

A 28-year-old Chatham-Kent man who was wanted on two outstanding warrants for theft investigations in Chatham saved police the trouble of taking him to the courthouse on Tuesday.

Police said the man showed up at the Ontario Court of Justice on Grand Avenue West in Chatham just after 11 a.m. Tuesday and an officer confirmed he was wanted by police.

The accused was arrested and later released with a future court date.

He is currently charged with five counts of theft, five counts of possession of stolen property, and one count of mischief.


Man arrested for violating release orders with a pair of phone calls

A 36-year-old Chatham man is in more trouble with the law after he allegedly left a threatening voicemail message for a woman.

Police said they started their investigation on April 1 after learning that the man was not obeying his release conditions.

Officers said they learned that he had left a threatening voicemail for the woman and then followed that up by calling someone associated with her.

Police found the man on McFarlane Avenue at around 2 p.m. Tuesday and arrested him.

He was taken to police headquarters and was set to be held there pending a bail hearing, facing charges of uttering threats and failing to comply with a release order.


Surveillance footage helps police identify alleged shoplifter

A 23-year-old Chatham-Kent woman is facing a pair of charges after she allegedly stole some items from the shelves of a store on Winterline Road in Pain Court.

Police said the woman went into the store shortly after 1:30 p.m. on March 25 and left without paying for the items she grabbed.

Officers said the incident was captured on surveillance video, which also helped police to identify a suspect.

The woman was arrested on Murray Street in Chatham shortly after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and she was charged with theft and possession of stolen property before she was released with a future court date.

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