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Mad Science Camps Coming to CK

Mad Science summer camps are soon coming to Chatham-Kent.

Mad Science is an enrichment program that provides classes and camps for kids ages 5 to 12. The company has teamed up with the Kinsmen Clubs of Chatham and Wallaceburg to provide day camp programs.

Gerry Flynn, otherwise known as "Dr. Claws," is a local Kinsmen member with a science background that will be instructing the classes.

"The kids get hands-on experiments to deal with and at the end of each day the kids get a take-home that relates back to the topic of the day," says Flynn.

Topics featured on the camp schedule include "Fantastic Flyers," "Science of Magic," "Fun-damental Forces," "Under Pressure," "Che-Mystery," and "Super Structures."

Flynn says it's healthy for children to learn about science and the world, rather than being glued to their devices.

"They kinda sit around on computers and laptops... [they] don't get out very much. We're hoping one thing this will do is open their eyes to the area of science and maybe give them an inkling that they maybe want to do something in science sometime in their lifetime," explains Flynn.

Day camps will run every Saturday from July 15 to August 19 at the Chatham Kinsmen Hall and the Kinsmen Club of Wallaceburg.

Information about how to register can be found on the Mad Science website.

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