CK police briefs - Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Woman Arrested for Fraud

Chatham-Kent police have charged a woman with fraud after a lost cheque was altered and cashed.

Investigators said the victim lost their wallet a few months ago with cash, two cheques, credit cards, and identification in it.

The investigation took just over two months and the female suspect was arrested on Monday and charged with forging documents and fraud under $5,000.


Man gets Licence Suspended

A 79-year-old Chatham man has had his licence suspended for three days and his vehicle towed after a traffic stop in Chatham Monday night.

Police said officers responded to a traffic complaint on Grand Avenue West in Chatham and believed the male driver was under the influence of alcohol.

They conducted a roadside test and charged the senior.


Man Arrested for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place

A Wallaceburg man had to sober up at police headquarters following a family dispute Monday night.

Police said they found the intoxicated man at Running Creek Drive in Wallaceburg and determined he was unable to care for himself.

The 24-year-old Wallaceburg man was taken to police headquarters and held until he was sober.

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