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Sunday Snow Dump Blankets Region

The worst is over, at least for now, according to Environment Canada.

The national weather agency is reporting more than 10 cm of snow fell in parts of southwestern Ontario overnight on Sunday.

Meteorologist Trudy Kidd says Windsor got a record 30 cm by Monday morning.

"Windsor got about 29.4 cm in 24 hours, and then 1cm after [midnight]. In London, we have reports of 20.2 cm so far," says Kidd. "Windsor looks like they got the most snow out of anyone, but London's close behind."

No official snowfall amounts are known yet in Chatham-Kent, but Kidd predicts it was significant, solely based on its location.

While she says it's not an unusual amount for December, the first real snowfall of the season hasn't come this early in a while.

"I don't recall recent Decembers' having 30 cm in Windsor, but it's not unheard of. Some years are warmer than others, and sometimes we get rain instead of snow," says Kidd.

There's only a small chance of more flurries in the forecast for this week, but nothing like last night, says Kidd. But brace yourself for temperatures below the freezing mark.

"We're looking at highs in the negative single-digits; -3 C, -4 C, -8 C. And our overnight lows are quite chilly; -14 C," Kidd says. "So we're definitely going to want to wear our hats, mitts and winter coats for sure."

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