file photo. (Photo by Mike James) file photo. (Photo by Mike James)

Take Care When 'Firing' Up Furnace

With cold temperatures looking like they're here to stay, it might be time to turn on your furnace for the first time.

But Chatham-Kent Fire Public Educator Whitney Burk says residents should take precautions before lighting up their furnace for the winter.

"You want to make sure you clear any clutter or household objects away from the heater. It's important to not have anything flammable touching or stored next to the furnace. That includes garbage, any laundry," says Burk.

A fire hazard can also exist inside the furnace itself. Burk says residents should clean their furnace filter out once a month.

"We also say one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your furnace safety, is to schedule a professional yearly inspection of your furnace," says Burk.

Burk adds all other fire safety tips apply as always. That includes having working smoke detectors and CO alarms throughout the home.

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